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'Good News' tells the of the truth contained in the gospels, a collection of worship songs that proclaim truth, hope, and love. Ian has taken two year out to re-discover what is the Good News is? And what he managed to uncover, he wrote down in songs for the church to sing and enjoy.

Ian says “I don’t think I’ve cracked it yet, and I probably never will, but one thing I’m certain of is that the Good News is better than I ever thought it was ... Paul said that it was ‘The glad message of the glory of the happy God’ (1Tim 1:11) - If the good news doesn’t sound too good to be true we haven’t heard it right”.

These organically crafted songs carry strong biblical truth and the deep presence of God. Be prepared to be inspired, empowered and impacted by engaging with a God who is full of love, kindness and mercy.